Why Isn’t My Marketing Working?

4 reasons why your marketing isn’t working and how to fix it.


Have you ever put a lot of resources and effort into your marketing, only to see it fall flat? Or maybe, you are not seeing the results you were anticipating. You are not alone. Let’s examine why your marketing might not be yielding the results you expected and how to fix it.


For any business owner this is scary.

Every business relies on its marketing to increase its revenue. Marketing that works can produce a steady, predictable. But if the flow of leads dries up, so does business growth. This can be scary for any business owner.

You can fix your marketing

For any business owner, this is scary.

I have been there. Your business is at serious risk if you don't figure out how to get leads flowing again.

1st Reason Your Marketing Isn't Working

Your Message is Confusing

Sometimes, business owners can get too close to the action. Sometimes we spend too much time and energy in our business, that we sometimes forget to communicate effectively with others who don’t share our level of familiarity. I used to work with lawyers. Potential clients asked simple questions and the lawyers responded with a complicated answer. The goal isn’t to show your client how smart you are. Keep your message simple. 

Here's how to fix it

2nd Reason Your Marketing Isn't Working

You Are Not Speaking
to the Right Audience.

Your ads are ignored. Money’s wasted. And you’re left wondering why your message fell flat. Sometimes the problem is not with your product or service, but your marketing campaigns. Sometimes, the problem is with your pitching to the wrong audience. One that doesn’t need you business, can’t afford you products or doesn’t want your services.

Pick your favorite customer

Who is that person and why did the choose your product or service.

02 -
Find out where your customers hang out.

Are they on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok?

03 -
Solve their problem.

Make sure your service or product gives them the answer they are looking for. If not, then that person is not your audience.

How Much Is Attracting The Wrong Audience Costing You?

Rolling out the red carpet for every Tom, Click and Harry – regardless of whether they’re truly right for you – can do real damage

3rd Reason Your Marketing Isn't Working

You are asking for the sale too quickly

What if you went on a date, and your date partner asks you to marry them within 5 minutes of your date? Your answer will be a definite no correct? This is the same mistake you make when you create an ad. People buy from people they know, like and trust. If your prospect doesn’t know you, then they will not buy from you and your ad dollars are going to go to waste. 

Here's how to fix it

4th Reason Your Marketing Isn't Working

You Are Giving Up Too Quickly

Effective marketing requires repetition and consistency. It’s not enough to reach a prospective buyer once. It takes repeated touch points and engagements in order to drive action. Your target market must be reached repeatedly. You must do this through multiple channels, including your website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and wherever your clients hangout.

Use a Social Media Calendar

Use a social media calendar like Hootsuite or the free Facebook Planner to create and post your content across multiple platform ahead of time.

02 -
Publish Testimonials

Remember that before they buy people have to trust you? Well they can trust you a lot quicker if you post testimonials from past clients

03 -
Start a Review Strategy

Just like testimonials, this is another strategy that is not categorized as marketing, but it is. It's simple to do, just ask your clients for a quick review using their mobile phone.

Your Client Needs to See Your Message at Least 7 Times

If you are doing paid advertising, do not only post one ad. You have to place several ads or your message will be lost.


Your business could be at risk if your paid advertising isn't working.

There are three main ways to fix this problem and get your paid advertising on the right track. Audit your message, focus your targeting and and fix your overall marketing strategy. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you communicating a winning message?
  • Are you able to position yourself as an expert in your field?
  • Are you targeting the right audience?
  • Do you prefer building relationships rather than chasing quick sales?
  • Are you consistently reaching your target customers or giving up too soon?

Not every business owner can tackle this on their own.

If you have the time, the focus or the knowledge to tackle this problem on your own, more power to you. You are on the right track!

But if you can’t,  that’s fine.  For a one-time fee of $695, LUK Digital will provide you with a 5-hour consultation where we will guide you in order to fix your paid advertising plus give you step-by-step road map of what actions you need to take. 

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Not convinced yet?

We will also throw in a Google Business Profile audit. Your Google Business Profile is  by far the most important thing you can do to increase your sales. A Google Business Profile helps ensure that people find your business when looking for products and services like yours in their local area and it can help your local SEO to boot.