You've Spent Money on Digital Ads, But..

Why are my Facebook and Google ads not working?

Your Facebook advertising is not working and you don’t know why. Most small businesses are spending for paid advertising, such as Google Adwords or Facebook Advertising without getting any results. This guide will show you how to fix that problem. It’s a five-minute read so take a look by clicking on the button below.

You have a lot of resources and effort into your marketing, and they are falling flat. You are not alone.

There’s many small businesses who try to recreate what they learn by watching marketing do-it-yourself YouTube videos. But recreating the results is much harder than you think. The reasons can be many, but chief among them typically are:




We will conduct an in-depth analysis of your business’s digital marketing presence. A master report detailing the current state of your overall marketing strategy with insights and actionable items will be provided to you.


This option is good for businesses know what issues are and doesn’t need a full-service solution.  You will select a category that you need help in such as email, Google Adwords or SEO and we will focus on that issue. Charged on a per hour basis.

Let Us Do It For You

The idea of ​​moving forward and optimizing your marketing is your goal. But maybe you don’t have the time and the necessary knowledge to dedicate to the creation of strategies in accordance with the digital times in which we find ourselves.


Our Focus Industries in Orange County

Chamber of Commerce

For years, chambers of commerce have proven valuable for small businesses across the nation. But unless they keep up with social media and other technologies, chambers will struggle to stay relevant.

Family-Based Business

Family-owned businesses come in all shapes and sizes and cover a spectrum of industries. They have their own challenges that are unique and marketing is often one of them.

Empresas Latinas

El número de negocios latinos es mucho menor de lo que debería ser. La respuesta puede estar en cómo comercializamos nuestros negocios. La mayoría de los desafíos de marketing que enfrentan los dueños de negocios latinos pueden superarse con estrategias simples.


Earn Your Client's Trust First

And when leads result from this type of helpful marketing, you will earn your client’s trust – before that potential customer has even met you. You’ve already distinguished yourself from your competitor that’s done nothing but talk about how great his company is. Thanks to a consultative marketing approach, the likelihood of getting a sale or booking a call, will be substantially increased.


What Clients Say About Our Services

We started our business in 2021, as the pandemic was waning. We know how to run a commercial cleaning company, but not in marketing. LUK Digital created a website for us, but also helped us network that has resulted in 4 additional clients for us.
Sanbarra Cleaning Service
LUK Digital has provided full-service agency capabilities to our Chamber. Our marketing has never been better. Not only do they run our marketing department, but they provide marketing strategy that we were sorely lacking.
Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce
LUK Digital helped bring our inaugural signature event, the Santa Ana Cannabis Summit to life. Not only did they create our website and event collateral, they provided consultative services above and beyond their marketing services.
Great American Cornerstone Events

You Don't Have To Make A Big Commitment

For a one-time fee of $695, LUK Digital will provide you with a 5-hour consultation where we will point you in the right direction. We will provide you a step-by-step road map of what actions you need to take. 

So are you ready to see why your marketing isn't working?